Oily Scalp, and I Need Help

Greetings friends and foes! I come to you with another edition of The Shedonist. This time written on my iphone while my laptop is finally being serviced by a third party apple repair affiliate store. I finally thought to myself “yeah okay the constant fan whirring and crunchy sound is too much.” 😌 I’ve justContinue reading “Oily Scalp, and I Need Help”

The Hello Kitty Easter Plush Government Conspiracy

What a world, what a life. Much to think about. This past year has been a lot of time for me to process and to hash, and to re-hash. To obsess and re-obsess over and over again! Past relationships, past friendships, ego death, the works. I am glad for it because it has allowed meContinue reading “The Hello Kitty Easter Plush Government Conspiracy”

Meet the She//donist

A weekly passion/resume addition project created by yours truly to inspire laughter, commiseration, unity, and at times entertainment. A little bit about little ol’ me. I am a freelance writer in the City of Angels, one of the many artists who wishes to accomplish their dream of recognition and authentic existence all while living itContinue reading “Meet the She//donist”