Give me Whatever People in the 1930’s Were On!!

Aside from my mid-morning run (sweaty!) & zoom with one of my Fulbright recommenders, I’ve spent the majority of today ‘researching’ Weimar Period Germany by watching Babylon Berlin on Netflix for ‘research’. Aside from this scene, the colors are definitely cool-toned unsettling, making everyone’s skin look look very dull and uneven; guess facial yoga &/orContinue reading “Give me Whatever People in the 1930’s Were On!!”

another day, another $$$

So it seems as though the three-month contract is over fr fr. Been actively searching for supplemental income (i.e. instacart shopping.) The nosey in me loves to know what the average person consumes. What are the supplies that nourish, that comfort. Are people lactose intolerant? Where is the alcohol?? How the mind wanders 🤔 NotContinue reading “another day, another $$$”

The Anti-Aging Case for Not Being Stressed ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

My anti-acne medication is working (finally???); I woke up this Sunday with noticeably clearer skin and non-Corpse Bride sunken eyes. Even though I had the potential to go down a stress/shame spiral on Saturday, I thought to myself: ‘hmm we’ve been here before, and this person who you are so upset about is so fullyContinue reading “The Anti-Aging Case for Not Being Stressed ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ”

Driving Anxiety & Other Pleasures ;)

Lately when i leave work or have 2 drive late-ish on the freeway, I’ve been having not so good feelings. It’s like the hyperawareness that you are in a hunk of metal going 65+ mph, and that there are lanes upon lanes of cares behind you, that if suddenly you stopped or slowed down theyContinue reading “Driving Anxiety & Other Pleasures ;)”

What if Cadet Kelly Was One of Us (In a Non Military-Industrial Way Bc F*ck War)

If there is one thing I am grateful for with the women in my family is that they didn’t give into these subversive patriarchal assaults . My mother was always physically and mentally strong. I think during all of our moves growing up, she did most of the physical labor. Though I loathe some ofContinue reading “What if Cadet Kelly Was One of Us (In a Non Military-Industrial Way Bc F*ck War)”

Becoming a Broad with Perspective

This week’s edition of The Shedonist is going to be rather somber and pensive as it seems like I’m in a phase this week, where everything is either falling apart or finally coalescing. The contradiction of infinite joy and sorrow. That I am celebrating inasmuch that I am mourning. Last Saturday, I was fortunate toContinue reading “Becoming a Broad with Perspective”