am i cliché? cuz wut You Do 2 Me is a SHAME

Saw a really incredible show this weekend at the David Kordansky Gallery, Andrea Büttner ‘Grids, vases, and plant beds’ which featured a 32 min video, containing footage and interviews of nuns from the Carmelite Convent of the Precious Blood, located in Dachau. There’s tinges of discomfort, at once feeling like an intrusion of history andContinue reading “am i cliché? cuz wut You Do 2 Me is a SHAME”

how Do I gain brain cells

Someone said to me this week that they think they’ve gotten dumber since college since they don’t read anymore, and tbh i kinda concur. Guess I need to get off the phone and take a break from love island every once in a while? hmmmmm As i have love island quite literally playing in theContinue reading “how Do I gain brain cells”

Give me Whatever People in the 1930’s Were On!!

Aside from my mid-morning run (sweaty!) & zoom with one of my Fulbright recommenders, I’ve spent the majority of today ‘researching’ Weimar Period Germany by watching Babylon Berlin on Netflix for ‘research’. Aside from this scene, the colors are definitely cool-toned unsettling, making everyone’s skin look look very dull and uneven; guess facial yoga &/orContinue reading “Give me Whatever People in the 1930’s Were On!!”

another day, another $$$

So it seems as though the three-month contract is over fr fr. Been actively searching for supplemental income (i.e. instacart shopping.) The nosey in me loves to know what the average person consumes. What are the supplies that nourish, that comfort. Are people lactose intolerant? Where is the alcohol?? How the mind wanders 🤔 NotContinue reading “another day, another $$$”


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