I’ve been having to do a lot of thinking this week which apparently is the antithesis of healing! But nonetheless, I’ve been having to use reason to silence my negative inner critic. I’ve also been feeling loss and grief as a consequence of my own actions (well well well.) It’s hard for me to notContinue reading “1-800-SUCCEED”

What if Cadet Kelly Was One of Us (In a Non Military-Industrial Way Bc F*ck War)

If there is one thing I am grateful for with the women in my family is that they didn’t give into these subversive patriarchal assaults . My mother was always physically and mentally strong. I think during all of our moves growing up, she did most of the physical labor. Though I loathe some ofContinue reading “What if Cadet Kelly Was One of Us (In a Non Military-Industrial Way Bc F*ck War)”

Gee, I hope i Get It

While watching the clip I recorded of myself participating in a virtual vogue class this past Sunday, I realized with some humor and slight dismay that my execution very much reminiscent of A Chorus Line. Somewhere I think in the muscle memory of my monkey brain I really wanted channel a can-can moment. When IContinue reading “Gee, I hope i Get It”

So u Think u Can Cope

So much so much. Where to even start! I have been engaged with a mommy dearest level of conflict which was made even more prominent by yesterday’s holiday 😎 I’ve been trying to just focus on my own inner peace, because when i try to go down the route of being seen by someone whoContinue reading “So u Think u Can Cope”

Oily Scalp, and I Need Help

Greetings friends and foes! I come to you with another edition of The Shedonist. This time written on my iphone while my laptop is finally being serviced by a third party apple repair affiliate store. I finally thought to myself “yeah okay the constant fan whirring and crunchy sound is too much.” 😌 I’ve justContinue reading “Oily Scalp, and I Need Help”

I Don’t Know Her

Last night I stayed up with my finger hovering on the “BUY” button on Depop. Will this grape Mariah Carey inspired butterfly top and coordinating thong bring me inner peace? The jury is still out. I have thought of styling the thong à la whale-tail, but in all my years of thrifting and online shoppingContinue reading “I Don’t Know Her”


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