The Anti-Aging Case for Not Being Stressed ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

My anti-acne medication is working (finally???); I woke up this Sunday with noticeably clearer skin and non-Corpse Bride sunken eyes. Even though I had the potential to go down a stress/shame spiral on Saturday, I thought to myself: ‘hmm we’ve been here before, and this person who you are so upset about is so fullyContinue reading “The Anti-Aging Case for Not Being Stressed ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ”

Driving Anxiety & Other Pleasures ;)

Lately when i leave work or have 2 drive late-ish on the freeway, I’ve been having not so good feelings. It’s like the hyperawareness that you are in a hunk of metal going 65+ mph, and that there are lanes upon lanes of cares behind you, that if suddenly you stopped or slowed down theyContinue reading “Driving Anxiety & Other Pleasures ;)”

What if Cadet Kelly Was One of Us (In a Non Military-Industrial Way Bc F*ck War)

If there is one thing I am grateful for with the women in my family is that they didn’t give into these subversive patriarchal assaults . My mother was always physically and mentally strong. I think during all of our moves growing up, she did most of the physical labor. Though I loathe some ofContinue reading “What if Cadet Kelly Was One of Us (In a Non Military-Industrial Way Bc F*ck War)”

Becoming a Broad with Perspective

This week’s edition of The Shedonist is going to be rather somber and pensive as it seems like I’m in a phase this week, where everything is either falling apart or finally coalescing. The contradiction of infinite joy and sorrow. That I am celebrating inasmuch that I am mourning. Last Saturday, I was fortunate toContinue reading “Becoming a Broad with Perspective”

Object Cathexis & the Nuclear Awakening

As I write this, I am once again laptop-less, and am coming to you live from mein Handy 📱 I almost considered not posting this week bc I was so down in the dumps yesterday. I had a charming lunch visit with my grandparents in Griffith Park, near the ‘Old Zoo’, during which I learnedContinue reading “Object Cathexis & the Nuclear Awakening”