how Do I gain brain cells

i recommend her!!

Someone said to me this week that they think they’ve gotten dumber since college since they don’t read anymore, and tbh i kinda concur. Guess I need to get off the phone and take a break from love island every once in a while? hmmmmm

As i have love island quite literally playing in the background as I write this, i have to wonder: which is a more dangerous moral standing to emerge from (which are the only two positions you’re allowed to take in love island)—- 1. strict heteronormative gender roles 2. devout capitalism.

Same goals, same life, same grind this week. My sleep schedule still has not adjusted to✨service✨ hours. Need to recognize at some point that going to *sleep* as soon as also go home rather than twiddling my thumbs pointlessly for a few hours.

The struggle is still ON in searching for in-host country affiliates in Germany. Apparently academics are on holiday PSHH.

What else, what else. I’ve yet to make moves with my clandestine object of affection as I am painfully uncomfy. But if there’s one thing i’ve learned from my Love Island lessons is that:


Last week I went to heaven ® with a friend and it was very cute, very much in the space of adults which felt ~hot~

I also went to the Ivan gallery in Culver City which had many colorful views🌈 Need to go out and view art, be the main character, live life for MOI. Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough in my life, that I’m stagnating. But have to remember that change happens, whether we are prepared or not. If you stand still in a river, new waters are bound to wash over you ↺ °•*⁀➷=͟͟͞♡

boop boopity BOOP

Well anyway, ta-ta 4 now. Until next time!!?

P.S. I made a playlist hehe

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