another day, another $$$

back on the job app grind 🤣

So it seems as though the three-month contract is over fr fr. Been actively searching for supplemental income (i.e. instacart shopping.) The nosey in me loves to know what the average person consumes. What are the supplies that nourish, that comfort. Are people lactose intolerant? Where is the alcohol?? How the mind wanders 🤔

Not that my dietary opinion bears any weight, but I always mentally congratulate people who fit in all of their food groups. Like you’re buying POUNDS of various produce items? I bow down to you.

the race against the clock

I’m staying with my Valley family at the moment while my building rids itself of “many pests” and am extremely grateful for them ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ They make sure I eat and let me use their washer/dryer and don’t even charge me quarters??? Also a calm quiet street???

I also stumbled across a blog (@megsuperstarpricess’ “Le Hipster Portal”) which very much evokes the kind of aloof tumblr party fashion girl that I wanted to be circa 2012. Even the language she uses is straight from this very niche time. This blast of the past ft. “swag”, “amaze balls”, & the gratuitous use of the french article ‘le’. Is like a time capsule of eight grade Facebook.

The fourteen year old in me is feeling life envy at having never achieved my hidden agenda of being a grimy NY hipster. But maybe I haven’t really changed at all :/ the evidence is in the duolingo French lessons on my and baby blue Royal Mercury typewriter bday gift (ty Larry.)

But also i really appreciate her take on tiny accessories. It needed to be said, and it definitely hurt to hear, but like ripping off a bandaid, it needed to be done 🙄 Also yes yes on the dirty hair, my oily locks feel validated.

ugh her mind

I think one of the main ways to stay ahead of the trends is to have a personal style so out of left field that it never changes or to always be dressing in things that are old but not yet old enough to be considered classic or vintage. Like if the layperson were to see you wearing it and think you look dated and awkward, I feel like you’re doing it right. Because once the ugly thing is taken back by larger society it no longer has that edge (re: dad shoes.) And so rather than the typical 20 year throwback inspo, go for a 10 year throwback inspo.

(Not to take credit for the now banned tiny glasses trend, but I was wearing my mom’s early 2000s Ralph Lauren tiny glasses like 5 years ago & was mocked. Lost to a random Hermosa Beach brunch joint where I left them after going to the bathroom r.i.p.)

So next time someone says your style is dated, gently remind them that you are actually right on time 🤲

Had a lot of great finds from this week’s spotify discover weekly that I’d like to share:

very bubblegummy + dance-y
for dancing and feeling beautiful/ethereal
4 feeling like a HEAVY robot
everyone loves a robyn dance montage, i also think channel tres has THE sexiest voice

I hope this may encourage you to have as good of dance break as I had blasting these while Fast n Furious weaving through traffic on Sherman Way. Yes I am one of those obnoxious drivers (also last week I turned left on a stale yellow and was rightfully called an idiota so uh yeah.)




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